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Nina Keh

Ever wondered why collectors still find the format fascinating?

A photo of Ninakeh — proudly posing in front of (part) their vinyl record collection.

In a world where we can access almost any piece of music with a click, there’s plenty of people like me who continue to buy vinyl records.

The landscape of record collecting has changed dramatically in the past 20 years or so, and collecting is a widespread activity. There are so many advantages for listeners to stream music, but there’s just something magical about getting to that record store to buy a bunch of records.

So have you ever thought about what types of collectors exist, what prompts people to collect…

This article touches on the theme of horror cinema and re-visits cult works and characters.

Before the rise of hardcore pornography in the mid-1970s, low-budget erotica-horror films were mainly aimed at a straight male audience, who were “lured” into the cinema by the promise of provocative themes, mild nudity, and soft-core scenes. Between 1968 and 1974, there was an extraordinary production of vampire films that mixed art, terror, and sensual fantasies, focusing on sensuous female characters.

Sheridan Le Fanu’s short story Carmilla on the left. On the right, still from the movie Blood and Roses (1960)

Most of the female vampire movie plots were derived more or less loosely from either Sheridan Le Fanu’s short story Carmilla — detailing the…

In the 1960s historiography, Psychedelia commonly refers to the explosion of psychedelic music, images, and artwork, including record album sleeves, festival posters, and decorative emblems in that decade. San Francisco is the city of the Summer of Love, crucial to the making of the Sixties psychedelic counterculture.

The Beat Generation & Hippies

Inspired by the Beats’ writers, 1960s youth began looking for inspiration beyond materialism and money-making, as emphasized by 1950s society. Some of the youth identified as part of this new subculture became known as “hippies.”

Mounted police officers watch a Vietnam War protest march in San Francisco, April 1967 (Photo by George Garrigues.)

San Francisco became the hippie movement’s mecca as the city had a very relaxed and non-authoritarian atmosphere and…

The Origins.

This story explores the origins of music categories, explaining how sound recordings’ technological transformation and other events heavily influenced popular music genres. We all like different kinds of music and love to discuss how Brian Eno coined Ambient or how Riot grrrl was the name of a 1991 fanzine. But when did music start to get categorized, and what was the purpose?

The history of popular music categories is long and complicated. The desire to categorize seems to originate with the technological transformations of sound recordings and music distribution. But organizing music in categories is also associated with migration and…

This article explores filmmaker Jim Jarmusch’s origins and how he met John Lurie and Tom Waits, whom he cast for his 1986 movie, Down By Law.

In recent film history, Jim Jarmusch stands as a charming eccentric character whose independent presence has inspired many cinema viewers. With twelve feature films, two documentaries (Gimme Danger, The Stooges documentary, and Year of the Horse, which follows the 1996 tour of Neil Young), and a handful of shorts and music videos since 1979, he is one of the most influential filmmakers to emerge from the United States.

Jarmusch has managed to remain visible…

Nina Keh

Music Curator, Radio Broadcaster, Researcher, Creative Industries Coach

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